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wherewomenconnect Mar 07, 2023

A huge welcome - I'm so happy to see you here! Let me introduce you to Where Women Connect. 

Our Journey

Our journey started in 2011, when we founded a recruitment agency specifically for women in Qatar. For both local and expatriate women from all walks of life and from different backgrounds, education and industry. We placed women in jobs with local and international companies, and family offices. From junior to executive positions in Finance, Marketing, PR & Communications, Media, IT and more.

A thriving community

Our company has since changed into a thriving community of women looking to grow and scale their career or business. And to thrive in both their professional and personal life. 

Since 2021, we're all about networking events, career and business masterclasses and an online community to which you have access around the clock. 

Our mission

Our mission is the to go to place to grow and scale your career or business, where you'll meet like-minded women to expand your network, to get all the support you need and to create collaborations and opportunities. A safe and comfortable place where you can be just you and thrive. 

Hop on and find and grow your tribe! 

With much love, Elsbeth - Founder xx 

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