What's in the name? Everything!

wherewomenconnect May 07, 2023
Where Women Connect What Is In The Name

Everything! It needs to be right and reflect on what we do. And it shouldn’t confuse.

Name journey

Let’s go on a name journey! In 2011 I was working with PwC in Doha when I met Danielle at a networking event. It was recently announced that Qatar was going to host the World Cup in 2022. Doha was booming!

When Danielle and I met we instantly clicked and both felt we had to be out there and do something very different. Danielle is a Tax Lawyer, I’m a Human Capital Consultant. We chose recruitment. And not just recruitment. We chose to only focus on the recruitment of women - Qatari and Expatriate women. Women from all backgrounds with different skills and experiences. Global women who live in Qatar. We named our company GLOBAL WOMEN QATAR. We run our very successful business for nearly 6 years.

From Global Women Qatar to Where Women Connect

In 2021 I relaunched Global Women and named it GLOBAL WOMEN AT WORK. I was going to place women in jobs again, hence the At Work part. I launched with a big bang with the help of 3 other women’s communities in Doha. Around 140 women attended, it was mind blowing. We just came out of lockdown and the need to connect was high.

As the connecting demand was so high I decided to continue organising networking events and named these WHERE WOMEN CONNECT. That’s how many of you know me now. Quickly the core of my business changed to events and not just networking events but also with a career and entrepreneurial twist.

What we are all about

So what’s in a name? Everything! Where women connect is what we do, and what I love doing most! Connecting women and helping each other grow. We’re all about connecting, collaborating and creating. Either in our career or business. Therefore I decided to make our events name our company name.

The globe represents us global women coming from every corner of the world, the circle about connecting, the colours are feminine and a maroon as my journey started in Qatar. 12 years on and we’re still going strong. In person and soon online too! Thank you all for being part of this, you are the main drivers of making it a big success! To many more events and masterclasses! With much love, Elsbeth xx

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