Where Women Connect was founded to create a community for like-minded women to connect and reconnect to grow in both life and business - with the purpose to inspire, collaborate and create.

Meet Elsbeth, The FOUNDER

As a seasoned and passionate connector, I love bringing together women in one room. And not in the traditional kind of way but in a fun, open and relaxed way. Where it is all about you, and just you. Where you meet women to laugh with, talk with, make friends with, with the goal to scale your career or business. For you to grow, both in a personal and professional way. Where you walk away filled with ideas and energy.

At a networking event I want to connect and talk, and not just listen to a panel discussion or lecture. With many events being like that I wanted to create something different and Where Women Connect was born. With fun and relaxed events at the heart of what we do, we're creating a warm and welcoming community for women to feel at home and at ease to take themselves to the next level.

All the knowledge, success and fun are in the connections. I can’t wait to meet you in person (again) soon!

A Fast Growing NETWORK

Since mid 2022 we have been growing fast by women finding us through our existing network, referrals from colleagues and friends, co-hosts and social media. Women from around the world, all walks of life, across industries and age are part of our community. You’ll meet women professionals, founders, artists, authors, go-getters.

Join us at our local, in-person events and grow your network. You can now also meet up online by becoming a community member and enjoy many benefits such as exclusive access to our member's portal and speaking and teaching opportunities.

Join us today to get inspired and thrive!


When You JOIN US


Connect with female professionals and entrepreneurs from all over the world and across industry to expand your network.


Get the opportunity to create amazing collaborations, to meet new clients, your next employer or candidate, or a new friend and create authentic connections.


Gain so much value through all the information, knowledge and advice shared through all our channels, both in person and online.


Get inspired at our events and masterclasses by fellow community members and partners to take that next step in your career or business.


Meet like-minded women to get inspired and thrive through our community that has your back. We are better together.


Valuable information and practical advice from experts across industries to further your career or business.


Through our events, panel discussions, masterclasses, and storytelling – by women from our community.


Find a new friend, your next job, or business partner and create the personal and professional life of your dreams.